As your score increases, more enemies will try to kill you. Use your gun carefully to kill and stay on the screen!

The game was planned and produced in about 24 hours, including all assets. The song have been downloaded from

Made withConstruct
TagsMinimalist, Top-Down


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who claims higher!?

4/29/18: 63

This is a delightful game.  I had no idea what was going on at the start because I was clicking and immediately dying.

It is amazing and insane at the same time!

Oh dear that waltz! A tip: don't try to shoot every enemy.

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Playing this to the rythim would be one of the most difficult and satisfying things in this or any other world.

Certainly, the Dark Souls of mortal ballet games.

PS: By the way, I think this is the kind of gameplay that requires two joystick to play it at its fullest, left to move and right to shoot. WASD is too imprecise and not as intuitive.

Took me a while to get used to the controls which are... unusual... I guess? Game looks and sounds 10/10  though.


The recoil is insane! made it next to impossible to play. 

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Thank you very much for the comments, guys! It means a lot.

Yeah, the game has a pretty hard learning curve, this is intentional (I love hard games). But as soon as you get used to the controls and start to get into the rhythm, as in the video above, the game is not that hard anymore.

I hope you had a good time playing it and, please, do not get mad at me for the difficulty! :D

Controls feel a bit too touchy to me. I really struggle to survive past about 10 seconds... Regardless very cool idea and beautifully executed!


This is my favorite gmtk jam submission I have played so far. It's a bit hard, but I think with some tweaks to the controls, the overall concept is really, really fun.

It's cool how the 180-double tap you have to do to prevent yourself from hitting the edges (at least that's how I ended up playing) fits nicely with the music. Really hard, but it feels very polished nonetheless.